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Physical injury is defined as harm “to a person’s physical integrity”, in other words any harm to the human body (wounds, physical suffering, scarring and disfigurement, etc.).

This could be caused by an accident at work, a road traffic accident, a home, leisure or sporting accident, an assault, etc.

Although the concept may seem simple, in practice it is much more complex.

Specific experience and knowledge, such as the amounts normally awarded by the Luxembourg courts and how the social security and welfare organisations work, is needed to obtain fair compensation for the victim.

Maître Mathieu FETTIG is certified at the Luxembourg Justice Ministry as an expert-calculateur (assessor) regarding compensation for physical injury victims in Luxembourg.

He is therefore perfectly qualified to assist you and help you obtain fair compensation, whether in negotiations with an insurer or before the courts.

MCM AVOCATS also regularly represents healthcare professionals against medical negligence claims brought against them.

MCM AVOCATS also acts in regard to insurance claims more generally, whether these relate to a road traffic accident, home insurance, water damage, nuisance or damage caused by neighbours, or any other area in which an insurance company may act.